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D. P. Pegg was born in Michigan, to a stay at home mom and an ‘up by your bootstraps’ kind of dad. He believed every generation should better itself, especially in the area of education. Both her parents were avid readers. Her dad immersed himself in nonfiction—civil war, biographies—and her mother read fiction.

A voracious reader since plowing through Laura Ingalls Wilder and Nancy Drew in grade school to John Hersey and Norman Mailer in high school, the pivotal book for D. P. came in ninth grade. Catcher in the Rye made her dream, I can do that, I can write a book. That dream sat on a shelf while the demands of life, education and career claimed her time and attention.

Although D. P. wasn’t raised in front of the TV, watching old movies while ironing the family’s stack of cotton shirts developed her admiration for smart and savvy ladies portrayed by Bette Davis, Jean Arthur and Ann Sheridan. She also wanted to tap like Ginger Rogers, paint like her aunt, play the piano like her best friend next door along with an Olympic figure skating dream tossed in there along the way. She begging for tap and piano lessons. She never got them.

D. P. did manage to experiment with Julia Child recipes, scorching a few pans along the way, find the perfect blend of colors for her garden and lighting designs for stage productions, and traveled within the US, Europe and India. While teaching and traveling, she became exposed to a variety of cultures and in turn became more curious as to what made people tick, She found some answers as she earned her Bachelors in the social sciences and Masters in Anthropology.

After leaving her high school teaching career in Detroit, D. P. finally had time to pursue her childhood dreams, yet painting, tap dancing and piano didn’t fulfill her. That deep longing planted in ninth grade rekindled and she began to write. Where to start? Her cousin advised her to ‘write what you read’ and ‘write what you know’ and began to pen her first book, a murder mystery set in a theatre.

Her writing reflects her love of research, visiting locations and talking with experts in the field, and her love of Michigan.

D. P. now lives in Metropolitan Detroit with her husband, Dale, a former television field videographer.

Dianne Pegg


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